World’s largest reserves of lithium are in Serbia: We could supply the whole planet

Serbia's estimated deposits are the largest in Europe and the insatiable appetite for batteries that power everything from iPhones to Tesla cars is prompting the likes of Rio Tinto Group to study the viability of mining it.
News portal Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten writes about the lithium wealth in Serbia, carried by portal
„Bloomberg says that Serbia's estimated deposits of lithium are the largest in Europe. The reservoir is situated in the western Serbia, in the region of Macva. The mineral, dubbed "jadarite" after the Jadar Valley, has a similar chemical structure to the compound that can be used to erode the superhero's powers. Allegedly, there are the reserves of 118 million tons of this ore, that contains 1,8 percent of lithium-oxide, as written in the US paper of geological research USGS.
Rio Tinto, one of the world's largest mining companies, had announced four years ago its plans to start exploiting lithium within its project of jadarite extraction.
The decision regarding this project will be made at the end of 2020. Up till then, the feasibility study of the project should be finalized. According to the allegations of Rio Tinto Group CEO, Jean-Sbastien Jacques, the resources near Loznica in western Serbia offer the potential to cover the needs of the whole planet for electrification.
Rio Tinto is testing just how much lithium there is in Serbia, while the large deposits were detected in 2004. Large quantities of boron are found on the same location. Rio Tinto identified tons of reserves which makes it one of the richest sources of lithium in the world.
Since the launch of this project, Rio Tinto closely cooperates with the Serbian Government and local officials in order to provide responsible work...

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