Diaspora vote: Let’s not waste another chance

Roderick Beaton, an acknowledged authority on modern Greek literature and culture and the author of a biography of Greek poet-diplomat George Seferis, begins his latest book, "Greece: Biography of a Modern Nation," with a provocative question: "Who are the Greeks? What shared experiences, collective memories, aspirations and achievements have shaped a worldwide population of some 15 million people today? Most of these live in the southeast corner of Europe in two member-states of the European Union, Greece and Cyprus, while communities can also be found in all the Earth's inhabited continents and are known as the 'Greek diaspora.'"
One does not need to share the British professor's view to realize how important the diaspora is to the Greece of today. Nor does one need to have read previous studies by Greek sociologist Constantinos Tsoukalas to be informed on the decisive...

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