EC: The Roma Community in Bulgaria do not Trust the Police and Justice System

Only 41 percent of the Roma in Bulgaria express confidence in the police, and only 22 percent believe in the justice system. This is shown by the data presented today by the European Commission (EC) on the implementation of strategies for this minority in the European Union.

It is explained that the Roma population in Bulgaria is 750 thousand according to the Council of Europe data from 2012 or 10.56 percent of the population. It is added that 37 percent of women and 12 percent of men of this minority in our country marry before they reach adulthood.

A major drawback is the widespread lack of health insurance among Bulgarian Roma. It is recognized that there is a danger of violence among the Roma, of disturbing public order and of committing various crimes, including the use of firearms.

The EC recognizes the positive measures taken by our country, such as the free provision of kindergartens, pre-school education, training of primary teachers. It is noted that in our country there are programs for providing employment, counseling, and encouragement of the Roma in search of a job.

As a proper approach, the commission appreciates the introduction of so-called "healthy mediators", which explains the Roma's ability to receive medical treatment. It is welcomed to provide vaccines for even the Roma in remote parts of the country. It is recommended that all measures for this population be closely aligned with the needs.

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