Kosovo Serb Remains Handed to Serbian Representatives

Remains of two Kosovo Serbs exhumed near Djakovica/Gjakove in Kosovo, who went missing in the 1999 war in Kosovo, were handed over to Serbian representatives at the Merdare crossing on Friday.

Mico and Radmila Petrovic went missing in 1999 and were listed as missing persons until last year. They were then found in a mass grave near the town and identified via DNA analysis. They were found at a location called the "Bunker Djakovica".

The head of the Serbian Government Commission for Missing Persons, Vejko Odalovic, received the bodies in the name of the families.

"Information that we have [says] there were three camps near the bunker: in the Virdzinija [tobacco factory], in the Auto moto alliance and in the Metalik [factory]. We have more missing persons who certainly were there," Odalovic told Radio Television of Serbia, RTS.

"More bones will be identified, but we do not expect new identifications," he added.

The handover was scheduled to take place on August 27 and should have been for seven bodies: five members of the Sutakovic family and two members of the Petrovic family.

But Odalovic said on that day the Kosovo authorities declined to hand over the bodies at the Merdare border point with Serbia and instead insisted it be done at the Kula border crossing between Kosovo and Montenegro.

A forensics team from the EU-led law mission EULEX identified the location in October 2017 and in November same year remains connected to three different persons were removed.

The bunker site lies in an industrial area of Djakovica, some three kilometers north of the town.

Searches of the location continued in April 2018, when the site was cleaned from garbage.

A plate that closed the bunker was removed and fluid...

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