"Russia wants disorder"; "Agreement between Belgrade and Pristina is possible"

He added that United States would back the Government in Pristina as it is devoted to dialogue, while Russian wants the region based on disorder and mistrust.
"One of our primary goals is to support the formation of Kosovo Government that is devoted to dialogue, which means suspending tariffs and returning to the negotiations table", he said in an interview for RTCG.
He said that the negotiations should be serious, resulting in a comprehensive agreement on normalization of relations between Belgrade and Pristina.
"It would be ideal if it could be done based on mutual recognition. Once when both sides return to negotiations table, we would be partners in quest for the agreement that would be acceptable to all sides, permanent and fair, that would help Serbia on its EU path", Palmer said.
He added that the whole region depends on this issue, saying that he doesn't believe that the disputes between Belgrade and Pristina could affect the European path of other countries.
Palmer said that "Russians are in force in the Western Balkans" and that the US has a fundamentally different perspective of the region compared to Russia.
"We see the Western Balkans as a member of a family of Western countries, integrated in Euro-Atlantic institutions, as countries that cooperate on the basis of rules and norms. The Russians have indicated that they want a region based on disorder and mistrust. I think we saw it most clearly in Montenegro when the Russians supported the 2016 coup, which was an outrageous move to prevent Montenegro from joining NATO and the West,", he said.
Asked if he thought it was possible for something like that to happen again, Palmer said he had no information that could lead him to believe that something like that...

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