Growth of Migrants' Attempts to Enter Bulgaria from Greece Again

The Ministry of Interior reports an increase in attempts of migrants to enter Bulgaria from Greece. Interior Minister Mladen Marinov explained that additional police and gendarmerie teams had been sent along the border with Bulgaria's neighbour. According to him, there is no need for the country to use army units for security, BNR reported.

"We are following the processes in Turkey. You see what is happening. Unfortunately, these processes do not depend solely on our desire. They are more global and naturally, when there is movement and some anxiety, we are obliged to take action. It is true that the Bulgaria-Turkey border is well guarded.

Appropriate facilities have been built, but we have a problem with the land border with Greece. For this reason, we have deployed additional seconded forces so that we can maintain border security. We are seeing an increase in the attempts this border to be crossed illegally. We have good interaction with the Greek authorities. "

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