Vucic on Croatia: They can freely walk throughout Serbia

Serbia's President stated this while commenting on the statement by Zoran Milanovic, a candidate for Croatia's President, who said if he won, he would "reduce the relations with Serbia to a minimum and would not allow Vucic to walk where he wanted".
"What can I say to such a statement to reduce relations with Serbia to the minimum... I rarely walk anywhere, I am not an athlete or ministers Zoran Djordjevic and Sinisa Mali. I'm not in a mood of walking anywhere, I don't go to Croatia's seaside, nor I went there since the breakup of Yugoslavia, neither I plan to", Vucic sad, responding to a question to comment on Milanovic's reaction.
"I have always wanted and will want a better relationship in the future. They can walk wherever they want in Serbia. I hope they love walking more than me", Serbia's President concluded.
He said that he's not asking anyone to love Serbia or the Serbs, nor would he beg someone to like Serbia.
"I'm not going to apologize since they have a pressing need for the apologies by the Serbs from the time when the Serbs humiliated themselves and kneel, wanting to hear a nice word from foreign officials. That time has passed. I am interested in deeds now, the deeds that we leave to the citizens of Serbia, while we will respect others as much or even more than they respect us", Vucic stated.
He added that he has nothing against the Croats, and that they can do whatever they want, but the Serbian policy will always be led by the citizens of Serbia, not by anyone else.
To reiterate, Serbia-Croatia relations had further intensified following the refusal of the Croatian border police to allow young cadets of the Serbian Armed Forces to enter the country. Diplomatic notes were also exchanged, with each side blaming...

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