No vaccines against conspiracy theories

Fears provoked by the anti-vaccination movement may appear exaggerated if we consider that, worldwide, the vast majority of people believe that vaccines are safe and effective (79 percent and 84 percent, respectively, according to the World Health Organization). Yet a small number of unvaccinated people is enough to threaten the immunity of the population.

That is why WHO has listed "vaccine hesitancy" as one of 10 threats to global health in 2019. Whereas other dangers stem from the consequences of pollution and climate change, as well as from illnesses that plague poorer populations, the anti-vaxxers movement signals a strange reversal in societies that are not on the front line of disease.

In 2017, reported cases of measles increased by 30 percent worldwide from 2016. WHO notes that "vaccine hesitancy" is not the sole cause of this. "However, some countries that...

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