Turkey begins large-scale exercise as Athens monitors movements

Athens said on Monday that it was concerned but not "panicking" over a large concentration of Turkish naval forces in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean as part of a large military exercise, as well as the movement of the Oruc Reis survey vessel near the Greek continental shelf. 

"We are monitoring the movements of the Turkish ships. We are watching everything. We are concerned, but we are not panicking. Of course we are not scared," Defense Minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos told Parapolitika radio on Monday, referring to the Kararlilik (determination) exercise, which began on Monday and will end on September 23, covering an area stretching from the island of Limnos in the northeast Aegean all the way to Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean. 

The scale of the exercise as well as the overall climate in the region in recent months, mainly due to initial pronouncements...

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