"For 20 years, German governments have been working on Yugoslavia's disintegration"

"These messages about the 'finished thing' are hypocritical. For 20 years, the German governments have worked one after the other to disintegrate Yugoslavia along its ethnic lines, despite EU and UN recommendations not to do so," said German parliamentarian Jacqueline Nastic.
"And when, after nearly 30 years of instability, Serbs and Kosovo citizens are close to reaching agreement on how to live next to each other, the German government says the time to redraw the maps is over. This attitude is arrogant and ridiculous," she told "Vecernje Novosti".
The Left Party recently backed Czech President Milos Zeman's proposal to revoke the recognition of Kosovo's independence, but a 69-member MP in a 709-member Parliament says there is currently little hope that the Bundestag will withdraw the recognition of independence of the so-called Kosovo.
"It was definitely a mistake that Germany recognized among the first the independence of Kosovo. It was a violation of Serbian and international law, and in contradiction with UN Security Council Resolution 1244", Nastic added, recalling that the situation in Kosovo has deteriorated significantly since recognition.

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