Pristina worried about involvement of major powers, "fearing Russia"

According to the "Zeri" newspaper in Pristina, connoisseurs of political circumstances believe that the final agreement could lead to privileges for the Serbs, diminishing the interests of the so-called Kosovo and the destabilization of the Balkans under Russian influence.
"The dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia may not be completed in the format it started eight years ago. In addition to official Brussels, other EU countries, such as Germany and France, are also eager to engage themselves in the dialogue", Zeri writes.
The paper also says that the appointment of Matthew Palmer as US Special Envoy for the Western Balkans is seen as another attempt to engage United States directly in the dialogue process, which could prompt another, "not very positive, move for Kosovo".
"The involvement of these countries in the dialogue process does not preclude Russia's ambitions to participate in the dialogue. Moreover, in Serbia, this is considered a done deal", Zeri concludes.

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