PLUS head Ciolos: We are ready to rule and govern Romania with honest people

The USR-PLUS Alliance (Save Romania Union - Liberty, Unity, Solidarity Party) is ready to rule and govern Romania with honest people, MEP Dacian Ciolos stated on Friday at the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC), where the USR leader, Dan Barna, submitted his candidacy for presidency. "We have here the signatures that will take Dan Barna to Cotroceni [Presidential Palace], which will allow our candidate to now present his programme, to present our vision for Romania, the manner in which we want to change Romania, by involving everyone who thinks that we can live better, live happily in our country, instead of being forced to leave abroad, for we take on this responsibility to change things to the better. Therefore, today we submit the signatures and we will continue of the same manner as we've done since the beginning of this year, we will go and meet people on the streets, talk to them and find solutions together. Besides this essential project of the presidential elections, we want to show Romanians that we are ready to rule and govern Romania with honest people and competent people and that's why this project has Dan Barna as its frontman," said Ciolos. He also said that the USR-PLUS Alliance prepared a tandem to offer citizens "a true project." "Which is precisely why, the USR-PLUS Alliance prepared a tandem, for we are aware of the fact that we will have to, in the short while, meet people's expectations and come up with a really substantial project, immediately, for both the presidency and the government. Today we will also have the first meeting of the committee on public policies of the USR-PLUS Alliance, so that we can prepare the governance project, starting from the two parties' visions. This way, our candidate for presidency can present himself before the Romanians with a complete project, with a vision about Romania's future, about the Romania today and the manner in which we can implement this vision," said the PLUS leader. AGERPRES (RO - author: Catalina Matei, editor: Florin Marin; EN - author; Cristina Zaharia, editor: Adina Panaitescu)  

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