We Celebrate the Night of the Bats

The celebration will feature organizations, institutions and civic groups, including: Green Balkans; Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation - BSE; Eco-Community Foundation; Regional History Museum - Blagoevgrad; Regional Museum of History - Pleven; Regional Museum of History - Ruse; Vratsa Balkan Nature Park Directorate; Municipality of Lovech; cavemen, climbers and volunteers.

The events include many initiatives - presentations, children's drawings, bat gymnastics, "bat games", various ateliers and art workshops, exhibitions, quizzes, presentations and films that will provoke interest in the mysterious life of bats.

The goal of the Bat Night initiative is to show that bats are not scary at all, but rather different and cute. In Bulgaria, 33 species out of a possible 35 occur in Europe and all are insectivorous. Bats are very useful because they can help fight mosquitoes, as a small brown bat can eat 1,000 mosquitoes a night.

The aim of the campaign is also to preserve bat colonies in over 6000 Bulgarian caves.

The initiative to commemorate the event is at the EUROBATS Secretariat - the Agreement on the Conservation of European Bats.

First noted in 1990 in France and Poland, today the European Bat Night is organized in more than 30 countries, including Bulgaria.

In 2012, the United States, the Philippines, Azerbaijan, Israel, Tunisia, Ukraine and Lebanon joined the event for the first time.

With this, the Night of the Bats becomes an international event beyond the scope of the "Old Continent", which aims to introduce more people to the unique way of life and the great importance of some of the most interesting animals on the planet - the bats.

Usually, Western countries celebrate the night of the bats on the...

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