Bulgarians Value the EU Most because of the New Job Opportunities

Bulgarians consider new job opportunities as a primary benefit of EU membership. This is according to a poll presented today by the European Parliament on this year's elections for MEPs.

The majority of Bulgarians (54 percent) believe that European membership is a good thing. 57 percent of the Bulgarians believe that the country benefits from the EU. Most Bulgarians (82 percent) said they knew for who they would vote before the elections. Half of the voters took part in the elections because of their civic duty and one in three voted to support a party.

Those who did not vote most often explained their decision with distrust of politicians or are of the opinion that voting don't lead to a change. More than 40 percent of Bulgarian respondents to the poll said they expect economic development and social security from the EU.

One in three is dissatisfied with the state of freedom and fairness of elections, as well as the opportunities for his own participation in political life.

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