15,000 UK citizens seek Cyprus residence permit

Approximately 15,000 UK citizens have applied to get residence permits in Cyprus since the 2016 UK EU membership referendum. Currently a total of 32,281 residence permits for UK citizens are in force.
According to figures provided to the Cyprus News Agency (CNA) by the Civil Registry and Migration Department, as of 1 July 2016, 7,801 UK citizens applied for a registration certificate (MEU1) and 6,946 for a certificate of permanent residency (MEU3). According to the legislation, within four months from their entry to the country, EU citizens must submit an application for a residence certificate, while EU nationals who have been living in Cyprus for a continuous period of 5 years are eligible to apply for a permanent residence certificate.
The majority of UK citizens who applied for these certificates are over 55 years old. More specifically, 330 people from 18 to 24 years...

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