Bosnians Protest Over Mooted Croatian Nuclear Waste Site

Several hundred Bosnians gathered on Friday in Novi Grad, northwest Bosnia, near the border with Croatia, to voice fears that Croatia and Slovenia plan to build a nuclear waste disposal site not far from the town.

The Krsko nuclear power plant is jointly owned by Croatia and Slovenia. On September 30, they are due to decide a new site for the disposal of waste from the plant - and one possible option is Trgovska Gora.

Although the site is located in Croatia, it is just the other side of the River Una from Novi Grad, as BIRN previously reported.

Mario Crnkovic, from the Green Team Association, told the protest that they were getting support from all over Bosnia

"We see the people from Lukavac and Tuzla who came to support us and say no to radioactive waste on Trgovska Gora. There are 26 environmental organizations with us. Some of them will also say 'STOP!' at 12 o'clock in Sarajevo. It is important to say that we all need to be aware of the magnitude of this problem," N1 TV station reported him as saying.

Protest in Novi Grad. Photo courtesy of Nezavisne/V. Stojakovic

'We do not want nuclear wast in our back yard,' a poster reads. Photo courtesy of Nezavisne/V. Stojakovic

Banner reading: 'Do not trade with lives.' Photo courtesy of Nezavisne/V. Stojakovic

Protesters in Novi Grad. Photo courtesy of Nezavisne/V. Stojakovic

Protest sign reads 'Don't Trade in Lives' in Novi Grad, Bosnia. Photo courtesy of BUKA/Maja Isovic Dobrijevic

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