Vucic's invitation to the Visegrad Group summit is a precedent, sending clear message

Daily "Blic" considers that the invitation was "a kind of precedent" and added that, "as a rule, these meetings do not discuss topics on which participants have divergent views, Kosovo could be a topic".
The move by the Czech President is of particular importance given his statement during a recent visit to Belgrade that the Czech Republic could reconsider its decision to recognize Kosovo's independence.
"The invitation to a non-V4 country is an exception, and Zeman surprised everyone by this act. He did it deliberately, to show a clear commitment of the Visegrad Group to Serbia", a source from diplomatic circles told the newspaper. It can also be interpreted as a message to the European Union.
In a statement to "Politika" daily, Predrag Rajic of the Center for Social Stability points out that Serbia in foreign policy is exiting "Yugo-sphere" via the Visegrad Group and that its path to the EU is not via Croatia, but through Hungary.
Serbia demonstrates with this that it is not only a Balkan, but also a Central European country, and that "our path to Brussels should not be carried out via Zagreb but via Budapest. In our foreign policy, we should stick to the following formula: as little Croatia and as much Hungary as possible", Rajic concluded, pointing out that with the V4 countries, Serbia has no open or unresolved issues.

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