Predrag Milincic, Market Director of Mars Bulgaria: Nutrition trends on the industry challenge the food producers all over the world


Predrag Milincic is a market director of Mars Bulgaria and also of the other countries from the region - Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania. Before joining the team of the food producer he worked for Coca Cola for 15 years. Predrag Milincic holds a master degree on management from Sheffield University.

Healthy eating and lifestyle are becoming more and more popular in а large part of the world. How does a company like Mars respond to this trend?

Consumers' health and well-being is a key priority for Mars. Our company is constantly striving to respond to the needs of modern people and to provide them transparency and healthier choices. We produce some of the most beloved brands in the world like Mars, Snickers, Twix, M&M's, etc. and we are entirely focused on improving their nutrition value. For example, we have reduced industrially produced trans fats in all our chocolate products to technically unavoidable minimal levels. Mars is also working with industry groups and regulators in Europe and the U.S.A. to ban use of partially hydrogenated fats in foods. In addition, we want to help consumers regulate their calories intake and that is why we have established a single serving size with less than 250 kcal.

Mars has a lot of initiatives, aiming to achieve more transparency in labelling, so that people could make an informed choice and select the right products for them and their families.

Are you expecting any crucial changes regarding the food production given the wide spreading of trends such as veganism, vegetarianism, higher bio products consumption, etc.?

We observe that people's nutrition...

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