International media: Former KLA fighters pushed down, new leaders face two challenges

The New York Times states that, ever since Kosovo ended its war with Serbia two decades ago, its dominant political figures have all been men who rose to prominence as fighters and held onto power despite failing to secure the lasting peace and preceding over a floundering economy, as Radio Free Europe reports.
"But, in parliamentary elections on Sunday, a new generation of politicians offered them a serious challenge for the first time. Opposition parties gained ground, and the ruling party appeared to take a solid beating at the polls, according to Kosovo Election Commission projections", New York Times reports.
According to preliminary results based on 95.88 votes counted and announced today, on the Kosovo early parliamentary elections, the winning party is Albin Kurti's Vetevendosje which took the lead with only 0,74 percent of votes more than Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK). Namely, Vetevendosje won 197.966 votes, that is to say, 25,74 percent of votes, while LDK gained 192.300 votes or 25,05 percent of votes.
Agency AP also points to the fact that opposition managed to overcome former KLA freedom fighters who ruled the country for two decades, since the end of war.
As AP reports, two Kosovo opposition parties emerged as the top-vote getters in Sunday's snap election of a new parliament held amid calls for leaders to resume dialogue with Serbia over normalizing ties.
The leader of Vetevendosje, Albin Kurti, is the nominee for prime minister's position and should form the ruling coalition, AP states, adding that it is not known how he will resolve the issue of negotiations with Serbia.
Agency France Press (AFP) states that the voters put two opposition parties ahead of the former guerrillas who have dominated politics for...

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