With EU incapacitated and US discredited, idea on unification with Albania disturbing

The facts that the EU is incapacitated by the drama surrounding Brexit, and that the discredited US administration no longer acts as an anchor of stability in the Balkans, make the victory of Albanian nationalists in Pristina even more explosive and meaningful, Lendvai said.
In a comment published in the Vienna daily "Standard", Lendvai indicated that the reason for concern for the stability of the so-called Kosovo, and even the region on the whole, is not the political activity of Albin Kurti on the "internal agenda", but his consistent nationalist course for unification with Albania.
Despite the ethnic and linguistic diversity of Albanians living in four Balkan countries, as well as about 1.5 million in the diaspora, the dream of Greater Albania remains an often unnoticed political and emotional factor, he says.
In addition, occasional pan-Albanian statements given by Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama should not be disregarded, Lendvai concluded.

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