Kurti does not give up "Greater Albania"

According to the first Central Election Commission's preliminary results, Kurti received the strongest support from the citizens of Kosovo and Metohija in the last snap elections.
"National unity of Albanians cannot happen within the European Union," Kurti said in an interview with KTV, the first since declaring an election victory.
"I cannot say that national unity is happening in the EU. This is where we join the Danes, the Austrians and the Spaniards. Our alliance has to happen here", Kurti said.
The leader of Vetvendosje points out that national unification is a "historical interest of the Albanians", and quoting the late former leader of the Macedonian Albanian Party Democratic Prosperity Albanians (DPA), Arbn Xhaferi, saying: "We do not choose (Albanian) union, but it does choose us".
According to him, the idea of Kosovo President Hashim Thaci to adjust the border with Serbia also implied Kosovo's accession to Albania, but when, as he put it, "the state collapses".
"I do not believe in the union through failure, but through success", Kurti said, adding that contrary to Thaci, he believes that "Kosovo's success unites Albanians, not failure".
He also said he would respect Kosovo symbols, but that he would not look at whose side the flag stood when meeting with Albania's state leadership.
He says he will work with Albania to reach an agreement, but not for the sake of the cameras, but for the sake of real implementation.
"The common market, the common civil registry, the companies, the joint government committees on foreign affairs, those are the topics that I will discuss with Prime Minister (Edi) Rama, in addition to the Djakovica-Shkoder axis", Kurti said.
Speaking of the Special Court formed to...

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