Carlsberg Group Develops the World's First "Paper" Beer Bottle

Carlsberg Group is about to create the world's first "paper" beer bottle. It will be made of wood fibers using a sustainable extraction method created on a 100% organic basis and fully recyclable. The company introduced two new prototypes of the eco-bottle at a special event in Copenhagen. 

One of the prototypes has a thin recyclable PET foil barrier, while the other has a 100% bio-based PEF foil barrier. These prototypes will be used to test barrier technology in Carlsberg's attempts to create a fully biodegradable polymer-free bottle. Global companies such as Coca-Cola, Absolut and L'Oréal will also be involved in the project, forming the Paper Bottle Community in collaboration with Pabocco, a leading manufacturer of paper packaging. The community brings together global companies and experts with the vision of improving sustainable packaging and their recycling.

"Although we've not yet reached our goal, the two prototypes are a significant step on the way to achieving our ultimate ambition, which is to bring this groundbreaking technology onto the market," deputy director of Group Development at Carlsberg, Myriam Shingleton, said via the press statement.

They aim to offer high quality products while reducing their environmental impact. Carlsberg's focus on innovation is not new. In 2018, the Danish brewery launched a number of improvements, including greener label ink and the innovative Snap Pack solution, in which cans in multipack packaging are glued instead of wrapped in plastic wrap.

For Carlsberg, this is another step towards creating sustainable packaging and a key momentum of the Together Towards ZERO program, which consists of four  ambitious goals: zero carbon footprint; zero water waste; zero irresponsible alcohol...

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