President Iohannis, to Liberals: You will govern with transitional Government

President Klaus Iohannis told the Liberals on Sunday to prepare for government and said he wishes to win the presidential, local and parliamentary elections alongside the National Liberal Party (PNL). "We have a difficult stumble block to overcome. The motion has passed, the Romanians are feeling relieved, but a very, very difficult time awaits you. At the beginning, when I went to the regional elections I said: Prepare for government! Now I say to you: Be prepared for government! This period will be very difficult because the PSD [the Social Democratic Party] is still there, the PSD has by far the most parliamentarians in the Romanian Parliament, the PSD controls most of Romania's counties, the PSD has - I hope we will soon get through this stage - most of the mayors in Romania. (...) You will govern with a transitional government. This is clear. I announced it immediately after the first round of consultations," the head of state said on Sunday in Timisoara at the West Region Romania meeting of the PNL organizations. He warned the Liberals that they will be attacked by the PSD, who have already begun to peddle "scary falsehoods." "They will all attack you, with the PSD people in the lead, and don't think that those in the PSD will easily relinquish power. They will not. They have already begun to peddle PSD-like scary falsehoods and to dismantle the first great PSD lie, I am telling you and all the Romanians in all responsibility: There will be no cuts of pensions and salaries! There will be other PSD attempts. I expect all sorts of obstacles. They will try to boycott the vote of the new Parliament [e.n.- Government], they will try to go to the CCR [e.n.- the Constitutional Court of Romania], they will try the all sorts of schemes to prevent the PNL from starting to work for Romanians. I am telling you these things not to frighten you, not that I could do that, I am telling you these things so that you be prepared to continue the fight, that we can finally get to rebuild Romania, to make Romania normal again, a European Romania with functional institutions, with a flourishing economy, in which professionals and deserving people get to the helm of institutions, in which the education system works very well and makes us proud of the generations that come after us (...)," Iohannis affirmed. AGERPRES (RO - author: Florentina Peia, editor: Karina Olteanu; EN - author/editor: Simona Iacob)

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