PM Dancila: I publicy urge candidate Iohannis, the noisy with PNL to abandon speech of hatred, insults

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila urged President Klaus Iohannis and the Liberal leaders "to abandon the speech of hatred and insults against citizens" and focus on drafting a governing program. "In the absence of a governing program and for lack of a concrete plan for the Romanians and Romania on the part of the PNL [National Liberal Party], Klaus Iohannis does what we have been accustomed to for all five years: he is stalling and trying to distract us by throwing offenses in the public space. But what is worrisome is this man's power hunger and the lack of vision of those around him. Through the public messages he is launching, the self-titled saviors of democracy prove that they are capable of anything to mask their incompetence. I publicly urge candidate Iohannis and the noisy PNL leaders to abandon the speech of hatred and insults against the citizens and focus on sketching a governing program. If they are unable to, let them say it out in public and take responsibility for having brought down a government only for electoral reasons," said Viorica Dancila at the beginning of the government meeting. The prime minister expressed her distrust of PNL's and President Iohannis' promises not to cut pensions and salaries, "after announcing several cuts and austerity measures". "I have noticed that the leaders of PNL and Klaus Iohannis felt the need to say that they will not cut pensions and salaries, after announcing several measures of cuts and austerity. I invite them to sign the Pact for [Romanians'] Welfare, already signed by one million Romanians. These parties have already conducted political purges in the past, under the pretext of streamlining the activity of the Government, so they cannot be taken at their word. We want this period of political instability to end as soon as possible, so that this blockade created by the ambitions of Klaus Iohannis not generate negative effects on the Romanian economy. We will continue to fulfill our obligations towards people. In addition, there are many projects for the development of the country that cannot be started, because at present the Government can only adopt administrative acts," Viorica Dancila went on to say. AGERPRES (RO-author: Catalina Matei, editor: Mihai Simionescu; EN - author/editor: Simona Iacob)

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