Consensus on diaspora vote

Consensus, finally. And more importantly, it has emerged on a sensitive issue in a country that has for decades taken pride (and understandably so) in its large diaspora community.

Conservative Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis pursued an effective strategy. But the important development here is not his success, but rather that the country is moving in the direction of a broad majority that cuts across ideological divisions.

It is not often that one sees political parties as divergent as the right-wing Greek Solution and the Communist Party (KKE) agree on an important piece of legislation which, apart from the ruling conservatives, also has the backing of the center-left Movement for Change alliance (KINAL) and left-wing MeRA25. As Mitsotakis has rightly pointed out, the bill in question ought to be passed by 300 votes. It does not really matter though if the...

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