Eurostat: Bulgarians are Most at Risk of Poverty in the EU

We are followed by Romania and Greece.

Bulgarians are most at risk of poverty among all EU Member States, Eurostat data show. According to them, about 2.3 million people in Bulgaria live with income around the poverty line, which is BGN 350.

A study by the European Statistical Agency also shows that about 33% of the population is at risk of poverty, followed by Romania and Greece. For comparison, in the Czech Republic this percentage is 12.2% and in Slovenia 16.2%.

The average level for the European Union is close to 22%. However, it should be noted that Bulgaria has also made some slight progress - a drop of 6.1% compared to 2017. In 2008, nearly 50 in 100 Bulgarians were at risk of poverty, and now this number is 33%.

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