Fencing: Ana Maria Popescu, first medal for Romania at World Military Championships in Wuhan

Ana Maria Popescu won the first medal for Romania in the 7th edition of the World Military Championships in Wuhan (China), namely a silver medal which she won in the individual epee event, informs the Website of the CSA Steaua club. "On Saturday, October 19, the women's epee event brought the first medal for Romania at this year's edition of the competition in China: Ana Maria Popescu won the silver medal. The athlete representing the Steaua Bucharest sports club got defeated in the final by Chinese Sun Yiwen, 10-11, after the gold minute," shows the same source. Ana Maria Popescu defeated Anastasia Soldatova (Russia), 5-3, Bezhura Dzhoan (Ukreaine), 5-3, Caroline Persson (Sweden), 5-2, Diana Rodriguez (Columbia), 5-2, Alessandra Bozza (Italy) in the preliminary round; she had the round of 64 clean and in the round of 32 she defeated, 15-6, Diana Rodriguez (Columbia); in the round of 16 - she defeated, 15-6, Anastasia Soldatova (Russia); in the quarterfinals she defeated, 15-8, Roberta Marzani (Italy); in the semifinals she defeated, 15-11, Magdalena Piekarska (Poland) and in the final she lost to Sun Yiwen (China), 10-11. Participating in the same event were Malina Calugareanu and Alexandra Predescu. "If Madalina lost in the round of 32, after losing 8 to 15 against Dorina Budai (Hungary), Alexandra got eliminated in the round of 16, after losing 11 to 12 against Sun Yiwen (China)," mentions the same source. There were 38 athletes in the competition, in total. AGERPRES (RO - editor: Adrian Dragut; EN - editor: Cristina Zaharia)  

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