Vucic: Two infections hit Albanians

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said today that he is concerned about the possible destabilization and escalation of conflicts in the region and that Serbia is doing everything to prevent it, as well as that our country must arm itself, as all the countries around us do.
"I am always concerned and we are doing everything we can to prevent destabilization in the region. This Novi Sad initiative with Albania and Northern Macedonia is very important to us as it is also a peace and political initiative, but also economically important for us", said Vucic visiting Prva TV.
He says Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Croatia and other smaller countries are arming themselves in accordance with their capabilities.
"We see who is also arming Albanians in Kosovo and what helicopters are being marketed by Montenegro and we are closely monitoring all that", the Serbian President said.
"You have to think about radar - electronic warfare and interference, everything is working on a different level now. Why is everyone arming themselves in the world - there is no longer one police officer in the world, and there are many players", Vucic said.
"Everyone cares about themselves and knows that there is no more unity, as it was when 19 countries invaded Serbia and everyone is looking at how to protect themselves. Will this be a source of conflict in the future ... We must not be weak because someone will always find the 'Leibniz principle of sufficient reason' if we present an easy prey", Vucic concluded.

"Kurti is an open threat, but no one will endanger Serbs in Kosovo" Printskrin/TV Prva

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said he understood Albin Kurti's statement that he would solve Pristina's biggest problem - Serbia's presence in the...

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