#PresidentialElection2019/ Dancila slams Iohannis as divisive, wanting Gov't and Parliament dance to his tune

Social Democrat leader and candidate for president Viorica Dancila told an electoral meeting in the commune of Hintasti - Suceava County this Wednesday that the country is divided because the incumbent president has split it into the good and the bad and has brought down a government without putting anything in place. "We have a divided country. We have a president who has divided the country between the good and the bad, between the meritorius and nonmeritorious, a president who doesn't look at our parents and grandparents, a president who wants a government and a Parliament of his own, a president who looks down with contempt on the Romanians, a president who has blown up a country. (...) They have brought down a government and put nothing in place,'' said Dancila. She told the attendance that the current president has a dictator-like attitude, is arrogant, doesn't love the Romanians and violates the country's Constitution, and that Romania should have a different destiny, where people are also present. "The people should have a different destiny. A destiny you are also present in. (...) This does not happen because it's the president of the country who has divided the Romanians. He did this because he doesn't love the Romanians. Have you ever seen him among the people? Have you ever seen him help someone, be sensitive to somebody's problems? He is a president who has all the time looked with arrogance on us. He thought he is entitled to everything. A president who violates the Constitution of the country. If any of you broke a law, you would be promptly sanctioned, but the president of Romania can allow himself to do anything, because he has this demeanor of a dictator and believes that he is entitled to another term, without talking to the people, without mingling with them. A term where he indulges in holidaying, while you work in the field,'' Dancila told the people present at the campaign meeting. At the same time, she called for unity as the only way important things can be done for the people and the country. "The most important thing is to bring the smile on the people's faces, ease their pain and try to do as many good things as possible. (...) All the good things for this country, all the goals we targeted were achieved by unity, they were achieved through the will of the Romanian people in communes and cities, from Suceava or Constanta, Maramures or Giurgiu. (...) The ratification of the provinces inhabited by Romanians, the National Assembly in Alba Iulia, the Blaj National Assembly, the Iasi Union, they were all accomplished through the will of the Romanian people, by a people who stood united in difficult times. This wasn't done by hatred or division," Dancila said. AGERPRES (RO - author: Silvia Marcu, editor: Irina Poenaru; EN - author: Simona Klodnischi, editor: Simona Iacob)

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