Bulgaria Ranked 61st in the World Bank's Latest Ranking of Business Conditions Around the World

Bulgaria has lost two places and is already ranked 61st in the World Bank's latest ranking of country-by-country business conditions around the world, the latest Doing Business 2020 report shows.

The World Bank ranking itself is based on 10 areas of business activity in a total of 190 world economies over the next 12 months, with the favorable business environment being linked to the opportunity to start a new business, obtain construction permits, access to electricity, property registration, access to credit, protection of minority investors, payment of taxes and fees, overseas trading, performance of contracts and bankruptcy procedures.

New Zealand is the leader in doing business, followed by Singapore, Hong Kong, Denmark, South Korea, the United States and more. In the latest World Bank report, Bulgaria is ranked 61st, behind the 59th position in the previous similar report, with Mexico (60th), Chile (59th) and Italy (58th) just ahead of our country. ), followed by Saudi Arabia (62nd), India (63rd) and Ukraine (64th).

With the exception of Greece, which occupies the 79th position, all other Balkan countries are ahead of Bulgaria in the new ranking, with the Republic of North Macedonia (17th position), followed by Slovenia (37th), Serbia ( 44th), Montenegro (50th), Croatia (51st) and Romania (55th).

Bulgaria occupies the foremost position in the WB's new ranking for doing business solely with regard to cross-border trade (21st position) and protection of minority investors (25th position). At the same time, our country is around and above the 100th position in terms of access to electricity (only 151st position), the possibility of starting a new business (113th place) and paying taxes (97th position).

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