US "indecent" proposal; Serbia: We refuse it

However, Belgrade rejected the offer, the newspaper said.
Daily "Blic" further states that US Presidential Special Envoy for Kosovo Richard Grenell recently instructed Belgrade and Pristina to reach an agreement on mutual recognition, and that they will receive an "economic award" in return, in the form of an investment conference that will be organized.
According to "Blic", he promised to invite some of the world's largest companies to invest in Serbia, which, however, "as expected, was not approved" in Belgrade.
It is also recalled that Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic is quite reserved when it comes to the international conference on Kosovo, an idea that emerges independently of the investment one, pointing out that, if it were to happen, all major world powers would have to participate.
Daily "Blic" estimates that there has been a clear change in US tactics with regards to Kosovo, and that now the US, which until recently supported the idea of ​​"Kosovo's knot breaking through division or demarcation", again conditioned Serbia, which was also evident during Grenell's recent visit to Belgrade.
The newspaper also added that, given the disagreements between Berlin and Paris, Washington wants to put the EU out of the game and take over, among other things, the final solution of this particular issue.
US President Donald "Trump is not interested in the heart of the matter, he is mostly imagining how spectacular it would be to sign the agreement in Washington, in the White House, because he needs a spectacle", a diplomat stated for "Blic".
He adds that for Trump, it would be vital accomplishment in the race for a second term in the office, and would represent the same as Dayton Agreement meant for former US President Bill...

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