Editorial: New era in the Greek media

Those who during the years of the great economic and political crisis fought to save the most important and trustworthy media titles and brand names feel relieved and vindicated with the result of last Friday's tender for the assets of Mega Channel, which for decades graced Greek television offering high-quality news, entertainment, and cultural programmes.

They are relieved because their staunch conviction - despite the continuous battle to wear them down and degrade them - that their efforts and sacrifices over the last years was confirmed.

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The result of the tender demonstrated that.

The price paid by Alter Ego, owned by our publisher Vagelis Marinakis - just as in the case of the 2017 tender for the newspaper titles of the Lambrakis Press (DOL) - was high, but sufficiently competitive, as was that of the second equally competitive offer of the second bidder which was a consortium.

The procedure was unblemished, clean, direct, and indisputable.

That justifies the optimism that a new era is beginning for the embattled media sector and the worn out employees of the broader sector will find a lively and economically sound place of production and creativity, as occurred with the newspapers To Vima and Ta Nea.

The media landscape after a host of legitimate and illegitimate political and other interventions is clearing up definitively and irrevocably.

By all indications, the broader media market - based on new foundations - has learned the lessons and experience of the crisis and can look forward to a great opportunity for rebirth and comprehensive restructuring.

Thirty years after Mega's first...

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