Vucic: If I promised something to the West on Kosovo, why didn't I fulfill it so far?

He made a guest appearance last night on the "Upitnik" talk show, where he said that he would continue to fight for Kosovo and the Serb people with all his heart and energy.
Asked how he commented on Vuk Jeremic's statement that "Vucic and Tony Blair are discussing modalities for recognizing Kosovo's independence at the UN" and whether he promised something to the West, Vucic replied:
"How come I haven't accomplished anything so far and how come they haven't solved what they thought they did back in 2008 so far?"
"We have withstood heavy pressures and there will be even harder pressures", said Aleksandar Vucic.
"Serbs do not need to run from compromise. I know what Serbs think and I do not ignore public opinion polls. We will continue the fight. A compromise is not a defeat for Serbia. I am aware that it will be very difficult to reach compromise because Serbs do not want to hear it".
Responding to the host's comment that he did not announce what a compromise means, Vucic said: "I have never communicated what a compromise means,... because someone has to deal with the future in a responsible way. Someone has to understand what's best, but this would be much easier to deliver than some other things".
He said that he had withstood the toughest pressures around Kosovo and that Vulin and Djuric can testify on that, as it were, during talks on the Brussels agreement.
"Let Suzana tell you, who was against me that night and voted to sign for UN membership, as many ministers in the government and that we have 68 percent of Albanian police officers in the north, even though I was Deputy Prime Minister, I declined it, and today, we have 100 percent of Serbian police officers in the north and we did not approve of Kosovo's UN...

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