The adopted Greek children of the Cold War

April 26, 2019, Good Friday. Pantanassa Church in the town of Patra, in the northern Peloponnese, is full of devotees waiting for the procession of the flower-decked Epitaphios to begin. Father Konstantinos Papadopoulos approaches the microphone and makes an unusual plea to the faithful. He explains that among them is a man who was abandoned as a baby - with no personal identification - outside the church in November 1954 and adopted by an American couple. "They found the baby on these very steps that we will now walk down with the Epitaphios. We owe him our help. He is our child, from our parish," he says, before inviting anyone who knows anything, either from their own family or from the neighborhood, to speak to him "discreetly," so that he can convey the information to the appropriate person.

Merrill Jenkins is sitting in one of the front rows but doesn't speak Greek and...

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