Turkey accuses Greece of ‘inhumane practices,’ ‘annihilation’

Turkey's Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hami Aksoy has accused Greece of "inhumane practices" against Turkish minorities and of "taking sides" with "hostile circles against Turkey."

Reportedly responding to comments made by Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos on the Armenian Genocide during a recent visit to that country, Aksoy also accused Greece of having "systematically annihilated Turks and Muslims in the region during and after the period of independence from the Ottoman Empire."

"We witness that Greece continues to take side with the hostile circles against Turkey and support their baseless stance and allegations," Aksoy also said in comments posted in English on the Foreign Ministry's website.
"Even today, Greece continues its inhumane practices against its Turkish minorities, taking it as far as to punish Muftis with imprisonment for performing a Friday...

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