#2019PresidentialElection/ Almost 79,000 Romanians turn out to vote abroad until 07:00 Romania's time

Almost 79,000 Romanians voted at the ballot boxes in the first round of the presidential elections until Saturday 07:00, Romania's time, when the first day of voting abroad was concluded, as the polling stations set up in the Americas closed: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, Chile, Cuba, Mexico, Peru, the U.S.A., Uruguay, Venezuela. At the same time, almost 25,200 Romanian citizens voted by mail, according to the figures released on the Central Electoral Bureau platform. Romanians abroad can still vote on Saturday and Sunday in the presidential elections, between 07:00 and 21:00 local time, as in this ballot they have for the first time three days at their disposal to turn out to vote, 8, 9 and 10 November. Voters who at 21:00 are at the polling station, as well as those in line outside the polling station can exercise their right to vote until 23:59 local time. Voting is ongoing on Saturday at 07:00, Romania's time, in New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, China, Malaysia and Singapore. At local time 12 the polling stations set up in the rest of the countries will open as well. A number of 835 polling stations were set up abroad, most in Spain and Italy, 143 and 142, respectively. The right to vote can be exercised at any polling station abroad, based on an identification document, valid on the day of voting. Romanian citizens 18 or over, if they turned 18 until election day, included, can cast a vote in the presidential elections. The addresses of the polling stations and other info about the electoral process are released on the Foreign Affairs Ministry's website in the special section devoted to the presidential ballot. AGERPRES (RO - editor: Mariana Ionescu; EN - editor: Adina Panaitescu)  

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