Sofia Airport with Terminal 3 in 10 years?

Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 will be redesigned so that passengers feel "immersed in Bulgarian culture". Sofia Airport's Terminal 3 should be ready in 10 years. This is the the vision for change and the development plan of the SOF Connect consortium, which won the concession at Sofia Airport.

The effect of the first key investments will be visible by 2022 - new configuration of Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 (including the sleeves for boarding the aircraft), new car parking, the consortium promises. The first phase of the development plan also envisages the renovation of Terminal 1 and the upgrading of Terminal 2. Security checks and passport controls for international flights will be enhanced with additional filters. Passenger terminals will expand in several stages as passenger numbers increase.

The investor is also envisaging a series of technical improvements such as investments in the water supply facility, wastewater treatment plant, dike monitoring system along the banks of the Iskar River. Investments will be made in airport equipment and infrastructure, which will significantly improve the operational efficiency of Sofia Airport. These include the redevelopment of Terminal 1's signage system, a fire station with a brand new training facility, renovation of maintenance facilities and many other investment projects. The idea is to introduce the highest standards at Sofia Airport, including "behind-the-scenes" equipment and infrastructure that consumers will not see, but which have a huge impact on their comfort.

The new Terminal 3 will be built by 2030. This will be the main focus for this period and will be implemented along with the decommissioning of Terminal 1, according to the Consortium.

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