New Rules for E-Scooters to Be Introduced

There will be rules for the movement of electric drones in changes to the Road Transport Act. Changes to the law have been published on the Council of Ministers' Public Consultation Portal.

The deadline for receiving project recommendations and proposals is 14 days, the importers note. They state that a shorter deadline for public consultation is set since the draft has already been published for public consultation within 30 days. Due to the great public interest in regulating the rules for the movement of individual electric vehicles and due to the occurrence of crashes with them, it is necessary to introduce a regulation for the drones.

Individual electric vehicle / item so-called e-scooters / is a road vehicle equipped with an electric motor and a maximum design speed exceeding six kilometers per hour without or with seating capacity up to 50 kilograms. Wheelchairs serving disabled people aren't considered as individual electric vehicles.
"Self-balancing vehicle" means a vehicle with one wheel or two parallel wheels, driven by an engine whose maximum design speed does not exceed 25 km / h, which is characterized by an inherently unstable equilibrium and which requires an auxiliary control system, to keep it in balance," writes in the draft amendments to the Road Transport Act.

The electric scooters must have a white or yellow well-visible light at the front and a red light emitter at the rear. According to the project, the driver of an individual electric vehicle is obliged to:

- to use reflective elements on the visible part of the garment, making it easily visible in the dark hours of the day and / or in the case of diminished visibility;
- to move on the constructed bicycle infrastructure, and in the absence of such...

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