Premiere of "The Diary of Diana Budisavljevic" brought tears and delight to audience

Dana Budisavljevic's film "The Diary of Diana Budisavljevic" had its Serbian premiere at Belgrade's Kombank Hall within the program of the 15th Free Zone Festival.
The true story of an Austrian married to Serbian doctor in Zagreb who rescued more than 10,000 Serb children from Ustasha camps during World War II, finally reached the audience in Serbia after this year's premiere in Pula.
Silence, tears and heavy sighs were the most common reaction of the audience at the Kombank hall during the screening of the chamber drama with documentary elements.
Authentic scenes filmed in the camp for Ustasha propaganda during World War II, which were ceded by the Yugoslav cinema for the realization of the film, left the audience breathless, because, among other things, they saw children up to the age of seven lying half dead in a so-called Jasenovac hospital.
The silence in the auditorium over the course of the film was broken off by a long round of applause after the second of the three sold out screenings, which is a confirmation that there is a lot of interest in the Dana Budisavljevic's film "The Diary of Diana B", which is its official English title.
The film's director Dana Budisavljevic attended the premiere at Kombank Hall last night.
"I am pleased to see people here who want a different kind of message and a different kind of film. Our film shows that life, good and humanity defeat the greatest evil and that is why it is very important for us that this film is seen by as many people as possible", Budisavljevic said, adding that, after the screenings in Belgrade, people thank her on her courage, determination and, above all, for making a good film.

Foto:Tanjug/ Tanja Vali

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