Poor imitation

It's 1980. After six years in the prime minister's seat, Constantine Karamanlis becomes president, leaving behind a divided party and a financially troubled country - it's only a few months since the second oil crisis in the summer of 1979. Greece is going through political upheaval: strikes, university sit-ins, and near-daily protests.
Meanwhile, opposition leader Andreas Papandreou is fiercely attacking the government, promising better days and change.
In late October, Greece returns to NATO's military command structure six years after withdrawing its forces following Turkey's invasion of Cyprus. Anti-Americanism is running high.
The government (rightly) bans the annual march in memory of the dozens killed in the 1973 uprising against the junta at Athens Polytechnic from reaching the US Embassy building. The National Students Union of Greece (EFEE), controlled by...

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