Six Western Balkan states would save € 3.5 billion by implementing "mini Schengen"

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic stated today in Paris that mini Schengen initiative is worthy of attention, recalling the World Bank estimate that its implementation would save the Western Balkans countries (WB6) with 3.5 billion euros.
"Extremists, both Albanian and Serbian, and whatever you like, resent anything that brings people together, they resent anything that brings peace, stability and development. They would like to enjoy the stale water and stagnation, where there is no progress", the President told Serbian journalists in Paris and regretted the fact that it is quite difficult to talk to people with no vision.
Vucic noted that the other thing, when it comes to the initiative, is whether all the countries will be able to withstand that amount of pressure.
To those from Montenegro who claim to have already liaised in the region, he said they have not done so when Serbia is concerned.
"You hadn't 'liaised' with us. Maybe with some other country in the Western Balkans you did, but not with Serbia. We don't have fast-track lines for trucks, so our trucks spend 100 hours at the border crossings, waiting, and I will remind you that World Bank estimated that Western Balkans countries (WB6) would save 3.5 billion euros if we were able to implement this initiative and put it in effect", Vucic told reporters in Paris after addressing the 40th UNESCO General Conference.
The President regretted that he could not talk or achieve serious results with people who, as he said, had no vision, did not understand anything, and the main purpose of their existence comes down to cursing, hitting or drawing graffiti on the theater building.
Vucic said all this at the request of journalists to comment on the estimates that "Mini Schengen"...

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