"Belgrade gets the most modern part of the city"

According to Belgrade Waterfront, the park will spread over an area of 2.7 hectares and its first part, its size being 1.8 hectares, was opened today.
"Everyone who comes here will be able to see the most beautiful park in this part of Europe and new buildings. In a short time, we will have over one million square feet of built up area here, as well as office and residential space", Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said at the opening ceremony.
According to him, in this way Belgrade gets the most modern and up-to-date part of the city, everything that the big metropolises have, which we did not have, is now arriving in our capital. "Only 27 percent of people initially supported this project, even though it was the ugliest part of town. This proves that with the overwhelming will and effort of people who believed in the vision, dreams can come true and a miracle, as people comment, can happen. It is a miracle", Vucic said.
"Boulevard should be finished till March and it will lead directly to the Belgrade Fair. I reckon that most works on the shopping mall will be completed by then, that 15-16 floors will be constructed of the tower, which will be a 'landmark' of Belgrade. This attracts tourists and it is not a matter of taste but of an objective approach, because when you look at the numbers, there are now twice as many tourists coming, compared to the period six or seven years ago", Serbian President concluded.
He added that this would be the tallest building in this part of Europe, as well as one of the most beautifully designed construction. "The construction industry, along with the manufacturing industry, are those that boost our growth, and Serbia is the second country within Europe in terms of GDP growth in Q3 of 2019", he said.

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