Court voids IOR Park land retrocession act

The Bucharest Court of Appeal has admitted the nullity of the retrocession of 12 hectares of the Bucharest Sector 3 IOR Park, Sector mayor Robert Negoita said on Friday in a press briefing delivered right near the respective plot. "It is a great day for all District 3 residents and, I could say, even for Bucharesters and Romania. I am here to announce a great, a huge success, as the Romanian state is starting to prove that it is stronger than the land retrocession mafia. ( ...) For them this is a black day. We have a court ruling delivered in our favor in the lawsuit initiated by the District 3 City Hall. The ruling reads as follows: 'The court admits the request for a trial and acknowledges the absolute nullity of administrative order No. 4333 / 18.05.2005 of the Bucharest general mayor. The 12 hectares of the IOR Park that have been subject to illegal retrocession will become public domain through this court ruling," said Negoita. Emphasizing that under the law, the retrocession of parks, green spaces, school yards, public domain areas is forbidden, Negoita said that this is a ruling on the merits and voiced his hope that it won't be appealed. He also said that the mayorality is planing to use the 12 hectares as a park, but this will only be possible after the appeal period runs out. Negoita also made a point that the recovery of the land is not enough, as those guilty for such shady maneuvering must be held accountable. "This mafia is big and its tentacles reach in the political system. Just remember! Following my move to block all their attempts to build on this land, which was and must stay green space and park, they introduced an initiative in Parliament that requires the mayoralties to expropriate these bastards and pay them money. This is a large and powerful criminal group. We are talking here about jaw-dropping amounts of billions of euros," said Robert Negoita. According to him, the City Hall has other court proceedings underway in similar land retrocession cases. To better mark the moment, Negoita unveiled a board near the park, reading: "The District 3 mayoralty has proven in court that 12 hectares of the IOR Park were stolen by the land retrocession mafia. Together with the judiciary we will return this park to the community." The District 3 mayoralty challenged in 2016 the ownership and vesting deed, after the retrocession in 2005 of 12 hectares of the IOR Park by then Bucharest general mayor Adriean Videanu. AGERPRES (RO - Irinela Visan, editor: Claudia Stanescu; EN - author: Simona Klodnischi, editor: Simona Iacob)

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