‘Macedonia the Great’ will be the brand for Greek Macedonian products

The official brand that will be placed on products from the Greek province of Macedonia - the largest part of the geographic region of Macedonia - was presented today at an event in Thessaloniki attended by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

The brand will be a large white letter "M" on a blue background (the colours of the Greek flag) which will be accompanied by the phrase "Macedonia the Great", a reference to Alexander the Great, and the letters "GR" in bold letters is a reference to Greece.

Ληξιπρόθεσμα : Κατατέθηκε ρύθμιση για οφειλές του Δημοσίου σε ιδιώτες

It was stressed that the spelling will use the Latin letter "C" rather than the letter "K" which is used in the Slavomacedonian dialect, as the overwhelming majority of internet searches use the letter "C".

The initiative was taken by the Greek Exporters Association (SEVE) It was hammered out over the last months and will soon be finalised.

The new brand is based on the one presented on 22 October to the PM, other politicians, and business groups in Northern Greece.

The final form of the brand was decided over the last 20 days and the recommendations of business groups and the Greek foreign ministry were taken into account.

Mitsotakis: Brand gives products central identity linked to glorious past

The president of the Exporters Association of Northern Greece who presented the brand publicly for the first time expressed confidence that the "Macedonia the Great" brand will be embraced by all producers in Macedonia and give Macedonian products a central identity.

In remarks after the presentation Mitsotakis said that we now have a "central identity for Macedonian products with a reference to the glorious past and this opens the way for a brighter future".

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