Police make arrests in Exarchia, prevent rooftop attacks

Greek police have arrested 7 people and detained a further two for sneaking firebombs and other material into rooftops in the Athens neighborhood of Exarchia.

Six people were arrested on a rooftop very close to Exarchia Square with firebombs, rocks, gas masks and gloves. A seventh person was nabbed at the apartment house entrance. The two others were detained at an apartment house nearby, where a similar cache was found.

Police were determined this year that the scenes of, especially, 2017, as well as last year's, when groups of rioting youth rained fire and rocks on riot police and passers-by below, would not be repeated. They seem to have succeeded so far, although they are still on alert. A standoff between police and anarchist at a corner of Exarchia Square was reported at around 8:15 p.m.

More sustained, although brief, clashes with police were taking...

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