Croatia Commemorates 28th Anniversary of Fall of Vukovar

Thousands of people from all over Croatia gathered in Vukovar on Monday to commemorate the 28th anniversary of the town's fall after a devastating siege by Yugoslav People's Army troops and Serb paramilitaries.

Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said that they had come to express their respect for those who defended the town.

U Koloni sjećanja izražavamo pijetet i poštovanje prema gradu heroju #Vukovar i žrtvi hrvatskih branitelja koji su dali svoje živote za slobodu 🇭🇷. Danas uz punu podršku @VladaRH i kontinuiranim ulaganjima želimo osigurati kvalitetnu budućnost i bolji život za sve Vukovarce.

— Andrej Plenković (@AndrejPlenkovic) November 18, 2019

"Once again, we are all here to pay tribute to the sacrifice [made by] Vukovar, the city that is a symbol of the 'Homeland [1990's] War', to all the heroes… 28 years later, we must look to the future, work to establish the truth, and prosecute war crimes," Plenkovic told reporters.

A commemorative procession including war veterans' organisations and victims' families walked through the streets of Vukovar to the memorial graveyard at the eastern entrance to the town, where the most of Croatian soldiers and civilians who died during the siege are buried.

After a short prayer from a Catholic priest at the graveyard, various politicians paid their respects to those who died. Croatian President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic, representatives of the Croatian government and parliament and the mayor of the town of Vukovar placed wreaths at the cemetery's central monument.

The Yugoslav People's Army and Serbian paramilitaries besieged and shelled the town intensively between late August and mid-November 1991. Some 7,000 missiles fell...

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