Police raids in Exarchia avert violence after rally

Police on Monday continued with raids on apartment blocks in downtown Exarchia following an unusually quiet night on Sunday, the anniversary of a 1973 student rising against Greece's junta which usually ends in violent street clashes between anarchists and riot police officers. 

In a raid early on Monday, officers seized a cache of materials usually used in violent demonstrations including firecrackers and rocks, and arrested two men - a 47-year-old cafe worker and a 33-year-old student who are believed to have rented the apartment a few days earlier with the aim of using it as a launchpad for attacks on riot police.

Meanwhile an Athens prosecutor brought charges against 28 suspects who were arrested on Sunday following clashes in Exarchia between self-styled anarchists and riot police.

Four minors were among a total of 32 suspects detained on Sunday. All four...

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