9 Snacks You Can Eat in the Evening

Many people have a habit of eating large amounts of food at dinner, and shortly before bedtime they finish off the evening with something else - popcorn in front of the TV, sweets, or a few more bites of the delicious dinner.

Until now, this was thought to be a bad idea and led to weight gain. Recent studies, however, show that there are foods we can eat before bedtime and even at night. Check them out on the  "ayhaninfire"  channel in vbox7:

1. Cheese
When you eat cheese in the evening, it should be a slice, not a pound. This product contains a large amount of fiber that helps to satiate the body until the next day. You can use low fat cheese to keep your weight under control.

2. Curd

Curd contains casein protein. It is absorbed extremely slowly by the body. This makes it one of the best proteins to eat in the evening as it enhances the feeling of satiety.

3. Hummus

Hummus is a great source of protein. Especially if prepared at home. If you're hungry, carrot and celery sticks dipped in humus are a great option.

4. Yogurt

Scientists have proven that yogurt is perfect for dinner. It contains a large amount of protein, low fat and almost no sugar. Add fruit to it to make it even more delicious.

5. Crackers

When we talk about crackers, we mean whole grains with complex carbohydrates and low calorie content. Adding some hummus, cottage cheese or a piece of cheese can make them even more appetizing.

6. Popcorn

It may sound weird, but popcorn is on the list of healthy evening snacks. We're not talking about the popcorns that are made in the microwave, but those...

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