Beijing Allocates $16.2 Billion to Regions to Fight Poverty

The Chinese government has allocated part of the 2020 funding for poverty alleviation to local authorities, the Treasury said on Monday.

Funds distributed among the 28 provincial-level target regions amount to 113.6 billion yuan ($ 16.2 billion) and are about 90 percent of the poverty alleviation funds in 2019. About 14.4 billion yuan will be earmarked for assistance areas of extreme poverty, mainly in Tibet, the Xinjiang Autonomous Region and parts of Sichuan, Yunnan and Gansu provinces.

The ministry said the power to review and approve the use of the poverty alleviation fund should be delegated to county-level governments and that the money should not be used for projects or tasks not directly related to poverty alleviation.

China aims to eliminate absolute poverty by 2020. As the deadline approaches, the country focuses on the poorest people who live mainly in mountainous and remote areas with adverse climatic conditions and backward infrastructure, as well as those with special needs.

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