Kosovo Indicts Man and Woman on Terror Charges

The Special Prosecution said on Wednesday that it has charged a woman identified only by the initials F.Z. with organising and participating in a terrorist group, and a male Kosovo citizen, Fitim Llavdrovci, with terror offences.

F.Z. is one of 110 Kosovo citizens who were repatriated from Syria in April.

According to the prosecution, she left Kosovo for Turkey on August 23, 2014 to join Islamic State of her own free will.

"F.Z…. consciously left her permanent residence in the Republic of Kosovo via Adem Jashari International Airport in Pristina to fly to Istanbul in the Republic of Turkey, in order to travel to the Islamic states of Iraq and Syria, through the territory of the Republic of Turkey, in order to join the terrorist organisation 'ISIS', which was fighting and causing acts of violence from widespread mistreatment to murders in these states," the prosecution said in a statement.

Llavdrovci was accused of actively supporting terrorist organisations in Syria by encouraging people to join such organisations via posts on his personal Facebook account.

"With the help of Allah, sons of the Ummah [Islamic community] attacked where it hurts the most, in the churches and hotels of Sri Lanka, and tomorrow they will attack again, but this time in Paris, London, Washington and New York," Llavdrovci wrote on Facebook, referring to attacks that killed 290 people in Sri Lanka in April this year.

The prosecution alleged that Llavdrovci "posted video recordings, photos, and wrote comments openly expressing support and sympathy for the terrorist organisation Islamic State, 'ISIS', through which he expressed hatred towards the members of other communities and propagates Islamism".

Lladrovci's actions had the potential to "cause...

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